Kaleidoscope - ‘Wind Dancer’ in Bubinga Wood by Henry Bergeson

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Henry's creative talent and energy are given full expression in this nautically inspired masterpiece, revamped for 2016. It is handcarved in Bubinga, a very dense West African wood that highly skilled woodworkers describe as being very difficult to work with. The hull and slip base are created from Maple. This sailboat sculpture is an homage to Henry's shipbuilding past with his father as a young man.

It contains a total of six oil-filled glass vials, any three of which can be snapped in the kaleidoscope in different positions with magnets. By placing the oil cell that contains various golden baubles in the center position, for instance, the interior image will look completely different than if it were placed in one of the two outer positions. The three spare glass oil cells are stored safely in their brass-ringed, velvet-lined, magnetized trays on the separate Maple storage base.

The workings of this kaleidoscope put Henry's Mechanical Engineering degree and background to great use. The set of three oil cells can turn individually like a conveyor belt by turning the brass knob, or they can turn as a unit in the built-in base that rotates at any angle you prefer. As with any oil cell kaleidoscope, the best surprise occurs when pausing any turning/rotating, to see the interior image continue to develop and change on its own as the pieces in the oil cell settle down.

Considering all the permutations of combinations of three oil cells, their relative positions when inserted in the rotating base, and the status of turning or rotating, there are virtually endless combinations of palettes and objects to be seen, masterfully created by Henry's expert optics and mirror system. For the kaleidoscope collector, this is a must-have style, and for the novice, it is perhaps the most coveted kaleidoscope they may own.

The kaleidoscope itself measures 18-3/4" tall, 5-3/4" wide, and 14-1/4" deep. The spare base with three spare oil cells measures 7" long x 3-1/4" wide x 5-1/4" tall.

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