Kaleidoscope Wand Keychain-Gold/Red

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Here's a very sweet toy wand kaleidoscope which works with the help of gravity. Simply hold this kaleidscope so the wand is in a vertical position with its colorful contents on the top (the two black rubber bands will prevent the wand from falling out), and then watch the magic begin. The combination of glitter, tiny beads and metallic stars, moons, etc. travel down, past the mirrors in the tube to create an interior image that is like fireworks. When all those pieces have traveled down to the bottom of the wand and the image has stopped changing, just turn it over to start it all over again. To slow down the movement, hold the kaleidoscope with the wand at an angle, such as at 2:00, and to stop it altogether, hold the wand in a horizontal position. You can also twirl the wand manually to provide even more reflection, resulting in a very exciting interior image. We like to say that wand scopes are as interactive as you'd like them to be!

The tube measures 3-7/8" long x 1/2" in diameter, and the wand is 3-1/2" x 3/8" in diameter. Children love to hook the keychain on their school back packs, long before they actually may need it to hold keys. Available in six tube colors: Red, Silver, Blue, Green, Purple, and Gold. Keep in mind, though, that the interior image is produced by the wand color, not by the tube color.

We generally don't advise this toy for children under the age of five. It's just too difficult and frustrating for them to look inside its very small eyepiece.