Kaleidoscope - 'Tres' by Sue Rioux Designs (One-of-a-Kind)

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Tres is a one-of-a-kind kaleidoscope by Sue Rioux.  

Sue created this unique scope with not only three mirror systems but also three object chambers - hence the name Tres! 

The body of the scope is a rectangle shape made with a beautiful iridescent purple glass on the front and ribbed black glass on the sides and a brown back.  The sides are adorned with purplish/blue glass rods and a small purple swirled dichroic square near the object cell and Sue's signature patina all around.  Each of the three mirror systems are different - one has 3 mirrors for a full field view, one has 3 mirrors positioned equilateral for a more defined view and one has 2 mirrors creating a traditional mandala image.  The object cell is partitioned so that each mirror system looks into its own separate object cell of enjoyment!

Standing on its own frame of sturdy brass wire, this scope measures 7-1/2" tall, 6-1/2" deep and 3-1/2" wide.