Kaleidoscope 'To Be' in Walnut with Hickory Jewel images by Randy & Shelley Knapp

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RSK012 Walnut Hickory Jewel
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“To Be” is a solid wood kaleidoscope laminated with various domestic and exotic hardwoods. The layering of the limitations create a stunning effect on the body of the kaleidoscope. The shape of the kaleidoscope is meant to be caressed and held. When it is in your hand you will understand the love that went into the hand rubbed finish. The fixed fluid filled object cell has a black background. Inside the object cell is a wonderful mix of hand lamp worked glass by Shelley Knapp. The dichroic windows which line the sides of the object cell cast multi colored hues of light which enhance the colors of the hand lamp work glass within.

“To Be” houses a 3 mirror system with a magnification lens creating a stunning image of infinite honeycomb. And oh Yes it is sweet.

“To Be” and is available in a bright or jewel tone image.

This version is Walnut with Hickory in jewel tone image measuring 2 ½” by 4 ⅜”.