Kaleidoscope - 'Temari Ball B' by Yukinobu Kitamura

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Temari Ball Kaleidoscopes by Japanese artist Yukinobu Kitamura
Temari (ζ‰‹γΎγ‚Š) balls are a folk art form and Japanese craft originating in China and introduced to Japan around the 7th century A.D.  Temari are highly valued and cherished gifts, symbolizing deep friendship and loyalty. Also, the brilliant colors and threads used are symbolic of wishing the recipient a brilliant and happy life.
The artist wraps embroidery thread around an inner core of chaff using only his hands and eyes and without the use of tools creating the beautiful exterior body of the kaleidoscope.  The patterns on the balls are often similar to kaleidoscopic images.  
The interior images are created by the rotating liquid filled object cell containing many colorful articles and enhanced by an internal LED light built into the object cell.  While viewing the Temari ball the LED light will gradually fade over a 5 minute time frame until it needs to be placed on its base for a 10 second recharge. 
Temari Ball B has a 2 mirror system with a 5 point mandala image.  

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