Kaleidoscope 'St. Basil' by Frank and Janet Higgins (Limited Edition 14/25)

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St. Basil is an unconventional and unique kaleidoscope with a 3-dimensional "pierced sphere" interior image resembling the onion domes atop Saint Basil's Cathedral, a church in the Red Square in Moscow, Russia which was built from 1555–61 on orders from Ivan the Terrible.  The dome is a segmented sphere with moving detail, while the spire, column and surrounding collar are intensely coloured, but static. The object is an oil-filled glass globe.

This kaleidoscope is #14 in a Limited Edition of 25.

The Higgins' "3rd Dimension" group produce images which are spheres and developments from the sphere.

This design won a top award at the International exhibition "Kaleidoscopes - 200 Years" in Washington, DC in April 2016.



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