Kaleidoscope 'Serendipity' in Stained and Dichroic Glass by Sue Rioux

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Serendipity is a fantastic 6-sided, parlor kaleidoscope of stained glass with a top panel of multicolored dichroic glass. It is two kaleidoscopes in one, with two distinct mirror systems--one 2-mirror and one 3-mirror. The rotating barrel consists of dichroic glass, fused glass, and crystal pieces created in a stained glass technique. It rests on its own metal frame, and is decorated with a dichroic glass gem. This kaleidoscope is finished with Sue's signature patina that she adds to all her soldering, resulting in a copper effect on the glass barrel, the eyepiece end, and other adornments.

A true work of art and a stunning object of creative expression, this will enhance any kaleidoscope collection. It measures 9-3/4" long x 2-1/2" wide at the eyepiece end x 7-3/4" tall.

If this particular kaleidoscope style is not currently in stock, please be aware that the exact coloration and/or texture of exterior of this style may be slightly different than this photo when special ordered. Artists who work in glass typically start from very large sheets of glass whose colors, patterns, and/or texture often change and shift over the course of each sheet. Where the specific pieces of glass are cut on a sheet will determine what the end resulting kaleidoscope will look like. Also, Sue Rioux chooses to adorn her finished kaleidoscopes with varying colors of glass rods and other decorative details, depending on what she feels looks best.

Each time we receive new kaleidoscope styles for our regular inventory, we photograph them so we can feature the most current and accurate representation.

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