Kaleidoscope - 'Renaissance' Wheel Scope by Frank and Janet Higgins (Limited Edition #71/99)

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Renaissance is a handheld wheeled kaleidoscope from the Higgins' high-end range of conventional kaleidoscopes, limited to only 99 pieces.  

The object cell is a pair of hand-turned wheels made with varying pieces of glass elements plus millefiore and glass jewels. This version has a small purple flower pressed between the glass. Images are produced by a 2 mirror system offering a 7 point mandala image.   

The body of the scope is a triangle made from stained glass with dichroic glass embellishments.  The color of the glass is a blue-violet shift - it looks blue from one angle and the violet from another angle.  Stunning!!

The scope measures 7-1/2" by 3-1/2" by 3-1/4".

Signed and numbered by the artists - #71/99.  

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