Kaleidoscope - 'Polar Bear' Wild Thing Series by Sue Rioux Designs

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From her Wild Thing Collection - this is Polar Bear by artist Sue Rioux

Just like whales, seals, and dolphins, polar bears are considered marine mammals. Polar bears are the only species of bear that depends on the ocean ecosystem to survive. Their life is tied to the sea ice and to the abundant world that blooms, swims, and paddles beneath their paws.

Sue has done a wonderful job showcasing the colors of the Arctic Circle, home of the vulnerable polar bear, in this handcrafted, 2-mirror, stained glass kaleidoscope.  Look closely in the liquid filled object cell and you'll even see a small glass polar bear swimming around from one ice floe to the next!  

The body of the kaleidoscope is made with a white stained glass with light blue glass rods affixed using Sue's signature patina that she adds to all her soldering, resulting in a copper effect on the eyepiece end, corners and built in stand.  The turning, fluid-filled object case also features beads and baubles in varying shades of blues and whites as well as glass beads and dichroic glass.

This lovely scope measures 5"-1/2 x 2-1/2" wide by and stands 7" high.  


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