Kaleidoscope - Out of the Woods #1 by Sherry and Stephen Hopkins

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Kaleidoscope - Out of the Woods #1 by Sherry and Stephen Hopkins

Into the Woods is a kaleidoscope handcrafted with segments of fire-salvaged Cocobola and Bamboo wood staves with a beautifully glossy finish. The eye piece and object cell ends are made from complementary woods enhancing the exterior beauty of this handheld kaleidoscope.    

An internal 2-mirror system creates a large single 6-point mandala image with an instant WOW factor given its significant size.  The smooth turning liquid filled object cell features a one-of-a-kind combination of dichroic glass, custom lamp-worked glass, beads, natural stones, gemstones, crystals, metals and fabrics.  

This kaleidoscope measures approximately 8" tall by 3" in diameter.


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