Kaleidoscope - Music Box 'Over the Rainbow' by Hiroshi Wakabayashi

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This is Hiroshi Wakabayashi's one of a kind music box kaleidoscope that plays 'Over the Rainbow' a ballad written for the movie The Wizard of Oz.  The body of the scope is made with copper tubing and copper wire and a lightweight torched copper square base gives this kaleidoscope an antique look.  

In addition to the wind up activated music box, this kaleidoscope also has a battery operated LED light which illuminates glass fibers at the end of the 2-mirror system tube.  The turning object plate is made with brass colored epoxy and large blue glass bead.  Tiny pinholes filled with colored glass create an amazing colorful effect when the LED lights shine through the turning object plate.  Its like watching colorful fireworks explode with every turn of the object plate.  

A unique kaleidoscope sure to please both the eyes and ears!

11" tall with a base of 4-3/4" by 4".  


NOTE:  This base of this kaleidoscope has a few 'crackled' areas that are only seen when looking very closely at the scope.  This damage was caused during production.  For this reason, we are discounting this scope by more than 20%.  Please call or email if you have any questions.  The last three photos show the damage up close.

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