Kaleidoscope - 'It Figures' in Wood by Luc and Sallie Durette (Octopus/Starburst/Inlay 19-1)

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IT FIGURES by Luc and Sallie Durette is a handcrafted wooden kaleidoscope featuring an exterior wood barrel in a variety of stunning woods including bosse cedar, walnut, curly etimoe and bird's eye maple. A matching wooden stand is included allowing this kaleidoscope to be beautifully displayed standing upright on a desk or shelf.  

This version has the Octopus's Garden object chamber delightfully detailed with seashells in warm earth tones blended with complementing stones, flame-worked glass and colorful beads - and a Starburst 3-mirror system producing an amazing cascade of fireworks and color.  The exterior is further enhanced with an engraved wood inlay.  

A truly stunning work of art offering a unique and precise optical experience.

For best viewing, direct light source through clear sides of chamber.




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