Kaleidoscope 'Gothic Special' by Frank and Janet Higgins (Limited Edition #24)

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Kaleidoscope 'Gothic Special' by Frank and Janet Higgins

Limited Edition #24

Gothic Special is part of the Higgins' high-end range of conventional kaleidoscopes featuring a twin mirror system.  One side is a 2-mirror system producing beautiful 8-point mandalas while the other side is a 3-mirror system producing a full field kaleidoscopic view.  The body of the scope is a rich stained glass with external decorative elements.  

Gothic Special's object is a hand-rotated cylindrical barrel comprising around 60 individual glass elements including millifiore, jewels, stained and dichroic glass shapes.  And if that isn't enough - the Higgins created this scope so that the object is reversible, giving a second set of images for each mirror system.  

Gothic Special measures approximately 9" long by 2-1/2" wide (at the object) by 2-3/4" tall.

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