Kaleidoscope - 'Dichro Spriral' by Judith Paul and Tom Durden

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Dichro Spiral is a dramatic 2-mirror, 7-point oil cell kaleidoscope with a sturdy powder coated black exterior which is decorated with spiraling dichroic glass in a rainbow of colors. The eyepiece is fitted with a 3 diopter glass magnifying lens.  The oil cell contains various pieces of dichroic glass affixed to the dramatic black background. The oil cell is further enhanced by floating pearls, more dichroic glass pieces, and metal wires, all in incredibly vivid colors, creating memorable visual imagery.

This kaleidoscope would make a lovely gift, or a gift to oneself! It measures approximately 8-1/2" tall x 2-7/8" in diameter.

Designed and made by award winning scope artist Judith Paul, known for her themed kaleidoscopes - a collector quality art form

Virtually all kaleidoscope styles created by Judith and Tom since 2013 have removable oil cells. Additional oil cells can be purchased separately to further enhance one's viewing pleasure.

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