Kaleidoscope - 'Conuscope IV' in Light Green and White by Charles Karadimos (Limited Edition #4 of 18)

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This is 'Conusvope IV' a limited edition of 18 pieces from Charles Karadimos. 

[kohn-uh-skohp] noun In Classical Mythology, a conical or horn-shaped receptacle containing an endless supply of magic and color.

The slumped glass bottle-shaped body of this kaleidoscope is made of hand-rolled glass that is over 40 years old from the AC Fischer Glass Co in Western Germany.

During the slumping process, the glass was treated to produce a beautiful glossy result and a “soft feel”, making it very enjoyable to hold.

A tapered two-mirror system produces images with perfect 9-point symmetry, color coordinated to the exterior body.

The dry object cell contains handmade dry ampules, lampworked glass, and handcut glass, all working together to create some incredibly colorful and random images, guaranteed to grab your attention ... and keep it.

Conuscope IV stands 9.75” (25 cm) tall.

Limited edition # 4 of 18.  Signed and dated by the artist 'CSKARADIMOS 2018' 

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