Traveling the world? Check out one of these kaleidoscope installations near you!

Posted by Cape Kaleidoscopes on 10th Mar 2019

Tuscaloosa, Alabama - be sure to stop by Snow Hinton Park to see the 7' tall aluminum sextant installation titled "Kaleidoscope" by by Eric Nubbe, a University of Alabama art alumnus and foundry specialist.

San Diego, California - a giant working kaleidoscope by Harmon Nelson, Vicki Leon, and Steve Riggs located in San Diego Harbor.

San Diego, California - in the Gathering Place, a community park at 50th Street and Imperial Avenue in Lincoln Park.  It's made of old wheels and gears from re-purposed bicycles. It has several kaleidoscopes built into it, so when you look down a bike tube you see spinning shapes and colors.

Venice, Florida -  Located in Centennial Park, the kaleidoscope sculpture is placed on an ADA-accessible concrete pad between the Centennial Fountain and the Gazebo and contains two bronze kaleidoscopes aimed at a rotating bowl of flowers maintained by Venice Area Beautification Inc. volunteers. The sculpture was purchased with private funds and given in memory of the late James Hagler, former Historical Resources director for the city, whose idea it was to purchase the interactive work of art.

Washington, DC - within the Bridge Operator's Tower on the Arland D. Williams Jr. Bridge (14th Street Bridge).  Designed in 2008 by Mikyoung Kim, a Boston-based designer in response to a contest hosted by the city's transportation and art departments.  Click here for a quick history of the bridge and the tower.  

Twin Falls, Idaho - outside the Twin Falls City Hall, adjacent to the new splash pad is a massive kaleidoscope. Please share with your friends in the Twin Falls area and if you are there, stop by to experience the magic!!

Mt. Tremper, New York - The World's Largest Kaleidoscope, certified by the Guinness Book of World Records, stands at 56 feet tall (the size of the old barn’s silo). The concept was designed by award-winning kaleidoscope artist Charles Karadimos, with its initial specially created imagery-based video designed by psychedelic art pioneer Isaac Abrams and his son Raphael, a computer artist. With theater-quality surround sound and a musical score by composer and drummer Gary Burke, the kaleidoscope’s main presentations utilize video playing off a three-dimensional three-mirror system that creates “a precise pyramid tapering from 15 feet at the bottom to five feet at the top, which reflect a constantly evolving virtual sphere with a 50-foot radius.”

Waxahachie, Texas - The six-foot-tall kaleidoscope constructed of steel and glass is installed on the corner of Main and College Streets.  Eddie and Mary Elizabeth Phillips created the art pieces.

Alexandria, VirginiaMirror Mirror is a kaleidoscope of color formed from an open circle that is 25 feet in diameter and 8 feet high. The structure invites visitors in, allowing them to move from the mirrored exterior into the rainbow interior. As the light changes, shapes and shadows dance in the reflections produced by both surfaces, creating mesmerizing patterns on the ground. Mirror Mirror, which is installed at the King Street Park at the Waterfront, will remain on view through November 2019

Des Moines, Washington - Marinascope is a steel buoy that was transformed by renowned glass artist George C. Scott into a walk-through kaleidoscope. Natural sunlight through fused-glass panels will illuminate the sculpture’s interior to reflect the city’s maritime connections and even provide a window to the community’s past with ghost-like images of historic waterfront scenes.  Check it out in the South End of the Des Moines marina.

Wattens, Austria - This large kaleidoscope is made of of…you guessed it, Swarovski crystals. Swarovski World is home to 14 underground areas covered in these decadent crystals. The ‘crystaloscope’ is one of Swarosvcki World’s glamorous attractions, where designer André Heller created the world’s largest kaleidoscope.

Gstaad, Switzerland - Look closely or you may miss the incredible Mirage Gstaad, a stunning installation by Doug Aitken. With every surface covered entirely in mirrors, the centerpiece of Switzerland’s annual Elevation 1049 arts festival stands out, or more accurately, blends in.  Installation on view until January 2021.