Jamalee Moret, Studio J Clay

Jerome, Arizona


Jamalee Moret is an educator, writer and artist who has been creating whimsical and functional high and mid-range fired ceramic pieces for over a decade.  Initially, she was drawn to the physicality and meditative aspects of the process as a way to relieve stress from her daily work as an educator.  Jamalee's work brings together the magical blend of shape and glaze transformed by high heat into something useful ~ with the intention of adding a slice of beauty to everyday life.  

Since moving to Jerome, Jamalee's ceramic work has grown to include beautiful ceramic bodied kaleidoscopes in collaboration with Sherry and Steve Hopkins who create the mirror systems and colorful object chambers.  

Beyond the word, there is a story to tell and a piece of art to create ~ Jamalee Moret

NOTE:  We expect to have more scopes from Jamalee this fall/early winter.  Please email us at info@capekaleidoscopes.com to be added to the waiting list.