Everglades Kaleidoscope, State Park Series by Sue Rioux Designs

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From her State Park Collection - this is Everglades by artist Sue Rioux.  As colorful as the Florida Everglades, this handcrafted kaleidoscope has a body of blue-green stained glass and a turning, fluid-filled object case featuring beads and baubles in blues and greens as well as glass beads and dichroic glass.  Look closely and you'll see a green alligator and a white snake! 

Green glass rods adorn the corners, affixed using Sue's signature patina that she adds to all her soldering, resulting in a copper effect on the eyepiece end, four little feet, and other adornments.  There are two mirror systems, a 2-mirror and a 3-mirror.  

This lovely scope measures 7" long x 3-1/2" wide by and stands 2" high.  It is signed and dated by the artist.  

Everglades National Park is an American national park that protects the southern twenty percent of the original Everglades in Florida. The park is the largest tropical wilderness in the United States, and the largest wilderness of any kind east of the Mississippi River.  An average of one million people visit the park each year.

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