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Elsbeth McLean, Fine Artist

Elspeth McLean | Salt Spring Island, British Columbia


Elspeth McLean is an award winning artist whose innate love of color and detail evolved into a unique style of painting she describes as “Dotillism”. She creates her intensely colorful and intricate artworks entirely out of dots created with acrylic paint and a paintbrush. Her refined technique has grown and expanded into the vibrant, precise and soul engaging artworks she creates today. For Elspeth, painting dots is a meditative and grounding experience which is so enjoyable she has dedicated her life to it. Through her art, she hopes to connect people with their inner child, and to bring some vibrancy and joy to their lives.

Elspeth’s love for color and intricate detail are how she “expresses and celebrates the colors of her soul”. She explores the world she experiences around her through her artwork. The new and beautiful landscapes she explores through her travels become subjects of her art. She also has a great reverence for the seasons, cosmos, mythology, and ancient and traditional art that also influence her creations. She believes in the healing influences of color and art, which led her to achieving her Diploma in Art Therapy.

Since 2006, Elspeth has worked as a freelance artist, selling her wares at markets, designing logos, painting murals, exhibiting in local cafés and galleries, and creating an extensive internet presence. She has exhibited her artwork throughout Australia, New Zealand and Canada. These days, between her travels, she lives in Canada with her musician husband. Her studio window faces east, overlooking forest, mountains and the Pacific Ocean.


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