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Triple Scope

This is a lovely decorative piece of glass art as well as a lively kaleidoscope. The colors of the glass body coordinate with the colors of the three wands. The wand colors, each accented with tiny multicolored metallic stars, create the interior image. When you hold this kaleidoscope with the wands in a vertical position like how you would hold an hourglass, the movements of the contents of these three wands creates a lively interchange of colors and patterns. You can also slow down the movement by holding the kaleidoscope with the wands at an angle, such as at 2:00.

The wands are 3/8" in diameter, and additional colors are available (@ $4.50) to make this imagery of this Triple Scope endlessly different. This very affordable kaleidoscope measures 6-7/8" long x 6-1/4" wide (at the wands end) x 2-1/4" tall (also at the wands end).

We like to show the breadth of each artist's kaleidoscope line, which explains why it may sometimes appear that we don't have many in stock. If you don't see the "Add to Cart" button for the item you want, please contact us about special ordering it. Keep in mind that they are all handcrafted, and take more time to create than manufactured items. They may appear slightly different in color and/or pattern than the photos below of the ones we had in stock in the past. This can be based on the artist's current supply of glass at the time of ordering, where they may cut the pieces of glass on a large sheet of shifting colors and patterns, and of course, their expert, artistic choice. Each time we receive new glass kaleidoscope styles into inventory, we photograph each one so we can feature the most current and accurate representation here on this site.