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Steven Gray

gray.jpgSG Wood Studios| Jerome, Arizona

Steven says, “I had thought that it was blind luck or possibly fate that brought kaleidoscopes into my life. In part, that may have been true with some bits of good timing and the right input at the right time. It was that sort of thing.

“I see kaleidoscopes as a symbol for my life in many ways. Kaleidoscopes are a culmination of a fascination with gadgets and with woodworking within my family for generations. They are a drawing together of my interests and passions. Perhaps it has been a curiosity of what lies on the ‘other side’ of things or the unknown. What lies on the other side of this ‘reflection’ is pulled together nicely in a kaleidoscope. I came to the understanding that my life is not a result of luck or fate. It is the culmination of my interests within which a large part has been focused on kaleidoscopes. For this, I am grateful.”

So are we! Steven’s work has always been very innovative, both inside and out. His work from the 1990s is still highly sought after by serious collectors of rare parlor kaleidoscopes. Many of Steven's earlier styles were large, sculptural piece. After almost two decades away from kaleidoscopes, Steven Gray is back with select brilliant, award-winning kaleidoscopes that are once again in demand by kaleidoscope collectors.

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