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Sand Art: NOW 40% OFF!

Sandpictures | Lustenau, Austriaklaus-bosch-1-.jpg

The Sand Pictures are interactive, ever-changing, mesmerizing and versatile art pieces. Put them on your desk and watch them evolve with a new creation of mountains, valleys and dunes with each turn. Hang the "Movie" styles on your wall and enjoy the added dimension of the image to enhance the performance of the sand. They create an entirely different image with every turn, and each type of sand and mineral will keep its distinct and lovely coloration.

We looked at many different lines of sand art, and came to the conclusion that this line was by far the best quality. It has the best depth in terms of types of styles, wood tones and combinations of sand colors. You can calibrate how fast or slow the sand goes down by the use of the syringe that is included. By adding a bit of air in the tiny pinhole on the side of each style, the sand movement will slow down and create more of a mountain peak image. By extracting air, the sand comes down more freely, and creates more of a stormy, snowy effect. No worries, once you pull out the syringe, that pin hole automatically reseals.

The artist who started this line, Klaus Bosch, says, "The idea of the sand pictures was born in the early 1960s in California where some artists launched a research project on kinetic art. One of the results was a moving sand picture. In the 1980s, I searched for ways to express my creativity. At first, I tried water colour paintings, oil paintings and pencil sketching. Finally, I taught myself how to make Sandpictures. I knew at once that this would be my place in the art world. I have refined my technique considerably over the years. I’m very proud of the art that you see in front of you today."

These Sand Pictures are a generation well beyond those of decades past which often resulted in one boring shade of gray. There is a style and price for every budget and every age.

We invite you to explore each style grouping below by clicking on these links to see the color/wood frame options available. Or, if you prefer, just scroll through the entire Sand Art selection. Either way, you'll see why this line has become some of the most popular products we've ever carried.

NOW 40% OFF!

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