Kaleidoscope Mini #5 by Charles Karadimos - Special Edition

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Mini #5 Kaleidoscope by Charles Karadimos

We are honored to feature the work of Charles Karadimos, an award winning artist who has been making glass kaleidoscopes since 1980.  He has been featured on CBS News Sunday Morning and in various books and magazines.  His work is exhibited in museums, galleries, and private collections throughout the world.  Will your home be next?

This 3.5 inch mini kaleidoscope features a multi-dimensional slumped body made of thin hand-cast Wasser glass. The tapered two-mirror system creates perfect 9-point symmetry. The dry cell contains all glass, delicately lamp-worked, combined with hand-cut and melted glass. All is specially selected to create an infinite number of  beautiful, random, and intricate images, unexpected in a kaleidoscope of this size.  Edition of 35 


Available in additional colors - call for availability.  


 "Kaleidoscopes represent what is important in a harmonious life-great diversity living together in one place, creating order out of chaos." ~ Charles Karadimos