Kaleidoscope - 'Inferno' by Charles Karadimos (2018 Limited Edition 6/9)

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Kaleidoscope - 'Inferno' by Charles Karadimos (2018 Limited Edition 6/9)

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April 2018 - This is 'Inferno' a limited edition of 9 new pieces from Charles Karadimos. The name tells it all.  This kaleidoscope is on fire, inside and out.

This offering is for one of 9 pieces done in a flame color-streaked red slumped glass, numbered 6 in the edition of 9, signed and dated by the artist.

The body of this fiery kaleidoscope is slumped glass that has been specially treated to enhance its beauty.  The size and shape is perfect for extended viewing pleasure. 

A tapered two-mirror system produces perfect 12-point symmetry.

The free-moving, dry object cell contains all lampworked glass primarily in the hotter colors (red, orange, yellow), along with several dry ampules, to create an infinite number of random colorful images.

7.75“ tall x 2.75" wide at the base.



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