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Janice Chesnik | Cottonwood, Arizona


Janice co-founded Chesnik Scopes with her husband, Ray. She is the mother of our Artist-in-Residence, Jon Greene, who now creates that line of kaleidoscopes. Now semi-retired, with the assistance of her daughter, Lori Riley, Janice skillfully continues to create the tiny millefiore glass pieces that Jon uses in his “Fiesta” wheels. Created in an Italian process of glass bundling, also referred to murano glass, each of those wheels looks like a stained glass church window!

What brings Janice true joy now, though, is the creation of her kaleidoscope-inspired quilts. Her artist eye, fine-tuned from making kaleidoscopes professionally since 1980, certainly comes through in these wall-art masterpieces.

In her home studio, she has culled an amazing collection of fabrics, from batiks to glittery “prom dress” fabrics, etc. She pins snippets of several color and pattern combinations to the walls, and not before she’s completely satisfied does she start the cutting and sewing process. She uses a variety of techniques and equipment, including a room-sized “long-arm” sewing machine to do the final quilting.

Janice has become so well known in her local quilting guilds that she's in demand to teach workshops, often with waiting lists of people who want to learn from her amazing, artful eye and quilting expertise.