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Glass Teleidoscopes

Marc's paper-lined glass teleidoscopes are as masterly created as his large, sculptural kaleidoscopes. Their chrome ends have eyepieces that are large enough to align with the camera lens of your cell phone, allowing you to photograph or even videotape anything or anyone as a kaleidoscope mandala (see last photo of each version)!

With perfect optics and elegant exteriors, these teleidoscopes create lovely yet budget mindful gifts.  8" long x 1-1/2" in diameter, with two attached glass knob feet.

A teleidoscope has a mirror system like a kaleidoscope, but instead of an object at the end that you manipulate in some way, it has a clear orb that turns everything it is pointed toward into a kaleidoscopic view. With a teleidoscope, the world is your image! If you're looking for a relatively inexpensive handcrafted scope, a teleidoscope is a great option because of its simplicity in design.

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