Kaleidoscope Aliyah

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front with image of Jerusalem

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Aliya-Blue Iridescent (referring to the back coloration)

This kaleidoscope's name refers to the immigration of Jews from the diaspora to the land of Israel. Joanne created this stained glass, oil cell kaledoscope with an isoceles, 3-mirror system, which provides more points to those mandalas than an equilateral triangle mirror system would. The front side features Joanne's painting of Jerusalem, and the other side is of iridescent purples and blues. The oil cell is filled with glass and dichroic glass pieces, beads, trinkets, and jewels in shades of pink, red, blue, gold, and pearl, and then finished with soldered end caps. Really cool!

This kaleidoscope measures 8" long x 1-1/4" wide at the eyepiece end x 4" tall.


If you don't see the "Add to Cart" button for the item you want below, please inquire about special ordering it. Keep in mind that they are all handcrafted, and naturally take more time to create than manufactured items.


Please be aware that when special ordering another one, the exact coloration and/or texture of exterior of this style may be slightly different than shown in this photo. Artists who work in glass typically start from very large sheets of glass whose colors, patterns, and/or textures often change and shift over the course of each sheet. Where the specific pieces of glass are cut on a sheet will determine what the final kaleidoscope will look like. Most importantly in terms of this particular style, Joanne's painting of this image is likely to be different each time. Also, the she may choose to adorn the finished kaleidoscope slightly differently each time in terms of decorative details, using their best artistic judgement.


Each time we receive new glass kaleidoscope styles into inventory, we photograph each one so we can feature the most current and accurate representation here on this site.


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